Hair Extensions Defined is an online retailer for 100% premium human hair in a variety of 8 different textures, which include Curly, Body Wave, Straight Relaxed Texture, Straight, Relaxed Texture Loose Wave, Relaxed Texture Body Wave, Kinky Straight and Afro Kinky.

Since 2010, Hair Extensions Defined has provided hundreds of customers with superior quality hair. And now we are excited to announce the launch of our online shop!

Hair Extensions Defined’s online shop features high-quality hair extensions sold at a very affordable price. Our product is 100% human hair, produced without the addition of harmful chemicals or treatments, and is available in 10 different styles and textures of hair designed for weaving.

Our products have many uses. They can be used to weave an everyday look, a fancier look, and can also be used as a protective layer on the client’s hair so they avoid the effects of regular styling.

Hair Extensions Defined offers two different collections of hair. The first, Love Me So Natural, includes Afro Kinky, Relaxed Texture Straight, Relaxed Texture Body Wave, and Wet and Wavy. The second, Love Me So Silky, includes Indian Tight Curl, Indian Medium Curl, Indian Body Wave, Malaysian Silky Straight and Brazilian Ocean Wave. All of our hair comes in its natural color, but can be dyed according to the client’s preference.

Lucy Lomuro, founder and CEO of Hair Extensions Defined, takes pride in her products and has seen the production process from start to finish, traveling to the factories where the hair is produced to inspect the working conditions and processes first hand.

Purchasing product through our online shop will guarantee you long, thick hair that shines with its pureness.

About the Founder

Lucy Lomuro, is an L.A based model and hairstylist who knows her way around a catwalk and a blow dryer. As a professional model for well over ten years Lucy has seen hair transform in a myriad of ways. She believes that hair is a delicate accessory that needs to be nurtured and cared for properly.

Lucy’s passion for her hair started early in her modeling career. During her career she witnessed unhealthy hair practices used to manipulate models’ hair into a certain style. As a means for protecting her hair, Lucy began to research and study hair health and styling to protect her mane. Fellow models and friends saw her results and soon became lifelong clients. The catwalk stylist was born.

Lucy specializes installing weaves and noticed the poor quality of hair extensions sitting in her chair, so she went on a search around the world, contacting and discussing with numerous resources, in order to find the best product. Lucy physically stepped foot into the factories where the hair was being produced to determine several things: how the hair was washed and processed, and how the factories treated the workers who handled the hair. Lucy teamed up with a manufacture that produces high-quality hair.

With over twenty years of hair experience Lucy has amassed a dedicated clientele. Lucy’s clientele spans the globe and boasts of celebrities, moguls and the every day woman. In keeping up with the high demand for healthy stylish hair, Lucy has launched Hair Extensions Defined. Hair Extensions Defined is an exclusive hairline for the red carpet woman to the everyday woman, and everyone in-between.

For styling inquiries Lucy can be reached at lucylomuro@gmail.com